Q- When’s the next episode coming out?

A- Good question. The simple answer is, we’re never quite sure. We try to get one out at the beginning of every month, but sometimes that’s not possible. It’s a complex equasion of inspiration, down-time between actual paying work, and how complex a story it is. We highly recommmend you sign up for the New Episode Alert on the front page and you’ll be the first to know when it’s posted.

Q- How can I get a link on your site?

A- The quickest and most visible way is to Leave a Tip. Your name/link/political statement will appear on the front page (please limit it to 25 letters). The higher the tip, the higher up in the box your link will be listed.
If you would like a free link, please send us your info and we’ll review it when we get a moment. We’ll put it on the Links page if we think it’s something our viewers would be interested in.

Q- How long does it take to make an episode and what’s the process?

A- In a nutshell, it usually about 2-3 weeks, working mainly nights and weekends. Jerry cuts a track, Orrin animates it using a combination of After Effects, digital stills and clip art, we add sound effects and then Jerry does the score.

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5 Comments on “FAQs”

  1. Tommy Kane Says:

    I thought i send you guys a donation. i must of done something stupid. i don’t see my bad self showing up on the tips links on your front page. i must be the proud sponsor with no link. i sent it through my paypal: tkane9@nyc.rr.com.
    oh well if you see that i made a goof maybe you could link me. thanks


  2. VANDEA Says:

    I was curious. What programs do you use to create the episodes?

  3. VANDEA Says:

    BTW… If Jerry were to try his luck at being a repo-man i think it would be quite humorous.
    Or he could date a dogcatcher…LOL
    You guys have a killer site.. I look forward to the next episode.

  4. oz Says:

    Hi Vandea-

    We mainly use Adobe After Effects to create the animations. As far as the Repo-man goes, that would be a hoot, but for now, we’re pretty much sticking with reality.

    BTW-nice frog.

  5. VANDEA Says:

    Thanks guys!!
    I dabble in graphics myself.I’m trying to get Maya but its darn expensive.I have mainly used Corel but I have used Adobe before too.
    I must say I laughed my arsh off when I visited your site and I have already passed it along to those I know would enjoy.
    Be back soon 🙂

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