Trees on Mars

Apparently leaked photos from NASA have been discovered and posted on the web that reveal that Mars has trees. Four and a half million hits on Google stand as testimony that both of the Viking Orbiters filmed vast forests on Mars. According to sources, these trees appear to be much larger than Earth trees, having a leaf and branch system that is unique to Mars. More evidence shows a huge rock formation resembling a human face on Mars as well.

Predictably, NASA has chosen to keep mum about the whole thing.

While we’re on the topic of celestial conspiracies, you can add these to the list: a ruling class of Alien Reptile People as shown in John Carpenter’s under-rated classic “They Live” (1988). In the film, they can only be seen by wearing a special kind of sunglasses. And then there’s Chemtrails, the high-altitude spraying by planes of some kind of chemical or biological agents for a purpose undisclosed to the general public. .

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