Beatles Heaven

I recently discovered this precious clip of George, Paul, and Ringo (minus John) together for perhaps the last time in 1995 singing the old song “Ain’t She Sweet” on a sunny afternoon in a park. This must be what heaven is like.

Speaking of the Beatles, Lucy Vodden, the inspiration behind The Beatles’ song “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds,” has died of Lupus. She was only 46. As a toddler, she was a classmate of John’s son Julian. One day at school, he painted a picture of her… later, he showed it to his dad and coined the title phrase LITSWD.

The song became a classic on the Sgt. Pepper album and in the 1968 pop art animation feature “Yellow Submarine,” which is now all set to be remade by Disney. (noooo!) Please think of Lucy and donate to the Lupus Foundation.

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3 Comments on “Beatles Heaven”

  1. Ognir Says:

    Jerry –

    That is one of the out takes from the Anthology series that was on TV, and later released on DVD. There are several more clips out there from that day. Of course, you probably know that, since they are on Youtube.

  2. ozonetv Says:

    Right Ognir. What got me about that clip is how simple and amazing it was as well as the possibility that “Ain’t She Sweet,” I think was their first single, from 1961 with Tony Sheridan (I have a copy of that single) and it may have been the last thing they ever recorded together too. Jerry

  3. Ognir Says:

    That is true. I love the sound of those German tracks on the first Anthology cd.

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